About the Afghan Women’s Centre

Afghan Women’s Catering is a project of the Afghan Women’s Centre of Montreal.  The Centre organizes many other activities such as language classes, cultural events, workshops, exercise classes and more.  Please read through the Mission and Activities of the Centre listed below and click here to go to the official website of the Centre.



  • Establish communication with Afghan women and their families in and around Montreal.
  • Organize gatherings and exchange experiences among the Afghan women regarding the education of Afghan women and their children and integration into Quebec and Canadian society.
  • Establish Afghan women seniors as trainers/educators for the younger generation.



  • To provide access to help and legal information regarding family violence. (from Shield Athena)
  • To provide access to a pediatrics medical clinic with a doctor who speaks Dari. (Dr. Iiaria Moneta)
  • To Introduce Canadian/Quebec society and it’s laws.
  • To provide access to learning, skill sharing, and promote an exchange of ideas with different communities.
  • Organize gatherings and special projects- ie Mothers Day Independence Day
  • Organize the Catering Collective for Afghan women to develop their cooking skills and earn income.
  • Provide services for Afghan senior women  ie (Canada Human Resources-New Horizon grants)
  • Provide Afghan senior women opportunities to practise their traditional embroidery skills and earn income.
  • Establish and provide access to English and French classes to Afghan senior women.