Afghan Basmati rice is is carefully prepared to ensure that the grains stay unbroken, light, and delicate.  It is first soaked, then boiled or steamed, then cooked with delicious seasoning, and finally served with a garnish of carrots and raisins.  Check out our menu dishes that are served with Basmati rice.

The rich flavours, exotic tastes, and filling portions are sure to make our Afghan dishes a great choice for your party, conference, or meeting.  Check out our menu options!

Afghani food is based on a balanced diet, healthy and not too spicy. The main form of cooking is steaming, which balances the healthiness of our food.

In addition to traditional Afghan foods, in our cooking classes we also experiment with blends of  Afghan and Canadian dishes.  For instance in this photo a cooking class was preparing a breakfast frittata with Afghan herbs and spices.  Click here to learn more about our cooking classes.